Handmade just for you

Garden Treasure Silk Gown - Dress

Made to Measure Service

As all of our creations are handmade to order just for you, we can offer you the wonderful service of getting your new outfits made to measure just for you! This means you can get the perfect fit, make any adjustments you need, or even change the design.

How it works

1) Get in touch

Share your ideas with us. If you are ordering made to measure you can go straight to step 2. If you want even more personalisation with different colours/patterns or anything else let us know what you want and we will see what is possible to do.

2) Order from our website

Order the design you would like on our website quickly and easily choosing the size option "Made to Measure". If you are asking for a more personalised or even unique design we may send you a link with your custom pricing.

3) Send us your measurements

Get yourself measured (by a professional ideally) and send us your body measurements so that we can fully craft the clothing to your body shape creating the perfect fit.

4) Wait for your new creation

We will do the rest! We will create by hand your new outfits to your exact size. Once the finishing touches have been made it will be shipped off to with express shipping so you can enjoy your new outfit as soon as possible.


Can I get something unique designed?

Absolutely! Our designer Sofia would be happy to design something for you based on what you would like to have.

Can I return a Made to Measure Item?

Unfortunately, due to the personalised nature of the items we are unable to accept returns for Made to Measure Items. We will ensure though that the fit is perfect for you, so any issues we will adjust as necessary.

How long will it take to get my new outfit?

We commit to completing all designs within 2 weeks, though depending on our workload it generally takes around 1 week of work. If you are getting something unique designed it can be longer and we will let you know throughout the process how long it will likely take.

How can I find out more?

We are happy to hear from you and answer any questions you have. You can get in touch via email at sofia@sofiatsereteli.com or using our contact page.